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Trisha Collins-Dunbar 

Positively Productive offers a more holistic approach to language learning.

Learn simple, yet very effective psychological techniques that have been scientifically proven for success. Techniques used by the likes of successful athletics, entrepreneurs, and actors.

The workbook focuses on how to apply these skills to language learning to succeed and achieve your goals.


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Learning Chinese Mandarin in 3 Months

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Ready, Steady, Go - Week 0


On the 1st May 2017, I was lucky enough to be invited to test pilot the Step Up Language Program, #SULP. I have selected Chinese Mandarin as the language I will study for the next 90 days. My goal is to study for 45 minutes, 6 days-per-week.

I have started Mandarin in the past and even managed to have short, very basic conversations with native speakers, but I am feeling terribly rusty. Having done 3 months of Spanish, followed by 28 days of Icelandic I feel like I need to retune myself for Chinese. I really do admire people who can switch quickly between languages.

Having successfully kick-started Icelandic with positive psychological techniques I intend to apply the same principle to Mandarin. This will also help with my independent research into positivity and language learning.

My Chinese name was given to me by my friend and Chinese Teacher Sun Tong. I clearly still have trouble trying to pronounce my own Chinese name!

但唐明 (Tong En Ming ) 

Tong ~ Family name. When introducing themselves Chinese people often start with the family name and then the given names. The surname comes from my original Chinese Teacher as a mark of respect.

En ~ Given names tend to have meanings in Chinese. En means kindness, mercy and charity.

Ming ~ In Chinese this name means bright, light, intelligence and clever.

90 Day Resource Plan

I dare say that my resource plan will be tweaked (a lot) during the next 90 days or so. I will be adding to this list so do check back or if you know of any other Mandarin resources please let me know.


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8 Ways Positive Thinking Can Make You More Productive

More than almost any other factor it is your mindset that equals productivity. Your perspective of a current situation will impact on the ability to learn something new.

If you need to be more productive, that is is paramount that you use positive thinking. Do you let anger, disappointment, and complaining take over your learning? OR Can you keep a positive mindset even when faced with a difficult situation?

When you are faced with adversity, it is your choice to let your mood change for the worse or you can choose to look on the positive side of the situation. Positivity is worth almost as much as hard work determination and perseverance when it comes to productivity.

1 What is your Current Mindset?

How are you feeling right now? If you are stressed your brain will be less likely to retain information. It would be better to do some techniques to help calm down first of all. Check out how to manage negative mindsets here  

2  Fake it Until you Make it!

Not feeling confident then fake confidence. By acting confidently even if you do not feel it can release the same chemicals as if you were really confident! Check out the video from Amy Cuddy. If you can only watch one thing today make it this!

3 People Tend to Help Happier people

A positive mindset actually makes others want to help you. No one wants to get near the person who is complaining and being all negative about everyone and everything. However, everyone wants to come to the aid of the person who is always smiling, joking and holding their head high despite bad things happening. Check out this article about what happier people do differently that in turn helps them to be more successful

4 Avoid Wasting Time and Energy Complaining

As above instead of wasting time being negative use that energy more productively and put it into doing something to improve the situation.

5 Recharge Energy Levels  

A positive mindset can give you a lift even during difficult times. Boost your energy level by looking on the bright side of any situation. No matter how bad things get, there is something you can look positively at.

6 Teamwork 

A positive mindset is contagious. It brings people together. Others want to be around people who are positive. Nothing brings a team together and builds relationships like positive energy.

7 Problem Solve 

Have you ever disarmed a tough situation with a smile? Your brain can not tell the difference between a real or fake smile. Once again  Positive mindset is sometimes all it takes to turn a bad situation around. On the other side, a bad attitude can take a problem and quickly make it worse.

8 Positive Mindset improves Decision Making and Learning

When you let yourself get upset, you impact your ability to make good decisions and take in new information. Thinking positively helps us to act more logically rather than reacting to our emotions.


22 Things Happy People Do Differently -


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