My Language Journal


My Language Journal

By Bill Price 

Learn a foreign language today with the help of this language learning journal. Includes 90 days worth of worksheets to help you plan, organize, and follow through on your language learning goals.

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Book: Positively Productive

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Trisha Collins-Dunbar 

Positively Productive offers a more holistic approach to language learning.

Learn simple, yet very effective psychological techniques that have been scientifically proven for success. Techniques used by the likes of successful athletics, entrepreneurs, and actors.

The workbook focuses on how to apply these skills to language learning to succeed and achieve your goals.


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Efficient Language Learning 

Bill Price 

At last, a book about time management and goal setting specifically applied to foreign language learning! Whether you are just thinking about learning your first foreign language or your twenty-first, there is something in here for you. Learn more efficiently and find more time that you never even knew you had.”

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Book: Pampers to Polyglot: 7 ideas for raising multilinguals like me



Pampers to Polyglot: 7 ideas for raising multilinguals like me 

Tetsu Yung

Pampers To Polyglot is a short book about how you can raise children to become multilingual.

The author Tetsu Yung is fluent in five important languages: English, French, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish. And he dabbles in a few other languages, too.

In this book, he describes his childhood experience, how he uses languages in his personal and professional life, his thoughts on the importance of language learning early on in life, and more. He illustrates through 7 simple, effective, and practical ideas how you can replicate his linguistic success for your children.

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Learning Languages with Linguacious™


Linguacious™ Game-Based Flashcards and Posters (with Audio)

The Linguacious™ game-based flashcards are the only language cards in the market that allow you to listen to the native pronunciation of each word from the cards themselves, to play over 8 different games with the cards, and to practice all four language skills separately due to its innovative design. Created by Ph.D linguists, all Linguacious™ products are informed by language acquisition theory.

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